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KC Well Co. is a collective of therapists, counselors, and wellness professionals.


We seek not only to serve the needs of our respective clients, but also to connect with one another in order to share, collaborate, increase, and innovate various wellness offerings in our wonderful city.


Though we all have various methods, ideas, philosophies, and approaches, we all believe in the power of human connection. 


We need each other.  

KC Well Co. is housed in the historic Luzier Cosmetics Building. 


The Luzier Building is a piece of Kansas City history, and one of the few remaining buildings designed by famous Kansas City architect, Nelle Peters. 

Thomas Luzier founded his cosmetics company in 1923, in order to

"create or do something which benefits others by contributing to their welfare - their progress, health, happiness, security, and comfort." 


Providentially, the modern building is home to other wonderful purveyors of goods and services oriented towards human wellness and flourishing.  

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