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Our global community is experiencing a collective crisis.  Connecting with a therapist or counselor is possible in the midst of this unknown and disorienting season.  


At KC Well Co., practitioners are offering both virtual and in person sessions for new and current clients.  Each individual clinician has special accommodations in order to serve the needs of those seeking help and connection at this time.  

Specifically, some clinicians have extensive experience working with first responders, many are trained in specific trauma modalities, and almost all are offering specialized session types and sliding scale fee arrangements.  

Please visit our individual websites (on the "about" page) to learn more. 

 THE BATTLE WITHIN has recruited dozens of local therapists to support medical personnel, first responders, and veterans who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free psychotherapy services to members of this population. Providers are compensated part of their usual fee, while providing the rest pro bono. Several members of the KC Well Co. team are proud to be part of this network to ensure our front line personnel can get the quality support they deserve. 

HERE is an excellent article found in the Harvard Business Review that helps to put language and meaning around the common feelings related to the pandemic.  

THIS article from NPR also reiterates the importance of mental health during this crisis, and highlights ways in which to access therapy from home.  

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